Moments in Time

Words & Music by Jeff Tracy
Copyright 2007 by Play Among The Stars Music (ASCAP)

Before we’re gone
Before the final curtain’s drawn
Let’s carve it in a tree
A monument to you and me

Hands in wet cement, cameras spent
Reporters mingle
Wishing it was you giving interviews

Portraits on walls, lining halls
How did it feel
Striking a noble pose
Sitting still while the artist froze

Moments in time
Tracks on the moon
Moments in time
Gone too soon

We all want to leave our mark, statues in the park
Those who made a difference
Remembered for some great deed
Immortality guaranteed

China has it’s wall, Rome had it’s fall
Nothing lasts forever
Mona Lisa’s grin
Put Leonardo’s spin on…

*Repeat Chorus

Pyramids for Kings
The Wright brothers gave us wings
Some enslave – some set free
Each earned a page in history  (guitar solo)

Mozart’s melodies, symphonies
Bridge the centuries
Einstein’s mighty pen
Time will never be the same again
Treasure left behind
Moments in time  (repeat & fade)