Visit the following links for more more information on pop music and Aardvark artists:

Cadence: online jazz magazine, cd and book store, featuring indie artists like Terry Bowness.

All About Jazz: a jazz-focused webzine with reviews and coverage of indie artists like Terry Bowness.

Blue Cartoon's Web Site: Blue Cartoon's webden. All the latest BC news.

PowerPopDotOrg!: a pop-centric web collective with lots of great band links.

NotLame Recordings: over 1200 cd titles dedicated to pop music. Blue Cartoon's most successful distribution channel.

Amplifier On-line: Amplifier is a print magazine dedicated to pop music and has some great content on their web page as well.

International Pop Overthrow: Annual international pop festivals in Los Angeles, NYC and Chicago. Featuring over 150 bands--Blue Cartoon plays them all. Some incredible links to the biggest dogs in the pop yard!