Song Lyrics:

Moments In Time

New Blue You


When You Said Goodbye

Wonder Why

Kiss Me With Your Heart

Holly (of Hollywood Blvd.)

Out of the Blue

Sundown in Smallville



Jeff Tracy

Jeff Tracy was born and raised in California.  The natural beauty of the land, coupled with the energy of the people, created an atmosphere of constant inspiration.  Like millions of musicians and non-musicians alike, Jeff’s life was forever changed the night the Beatles first performed on the Ed Sullivan Show.  Boyhood dreams of exploring space as an astronaut, and discovering ancient civilizations as an archeologist, were forever replaced with the desire to write, record, and perform music.  A love for melody and lush harmony vocals made the Beatles, the Byrds, the Beach Boys, and the Mamas & the Papas, main staples of Jeff’s early musical diet.

Picking up the guitar at age 11, Jeff is completely self-taught.  He formed his first band in 5th grade.  The following year that band won his school’s talent contest with a well rehearsed rendition of ‘Day Tripper’.  That summer the band went on to be the youngest group to perform in the Fender Battle of the Bands in San Jose, California, and got their first paying gig.

Serious efforts to write, record, and perform original music began as Jeff entered his teens.  Several years would be spent forming bands with two close friends (Jeffrey Foskett of Beach Boys & Bryan Wilson bands fame, and Jeff Sielaff on drums – bass players tended to come and go.).  Performances at Junior Highs, High Schools, and venues like the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds gave momentum to the dream of a career in music.

Jeff also enjoyed the benefits of having an older brother (Dennis Tracy) who was signed to several major recording & publishing contracts over the years.  Dennis knew Jeff’s love of music equaled his own, and made it possible for him to spend time in some of the finest recording studios on the West Coast, along with providing the opportunity to meet and converse with people like record producer luminaries Fred Catero (Santana, Chicago, Janis Joplin), Jack Daugherty (The Carpenters), David Kirshenbaum (Joe Jackson), and musicians Nigel Olsen (Elton John’s Drummer), and Steve Carlton (studio guitarist), to name but a few.

By the early 80s Jeff owned & operated his own recording studio.  He was also the guitarist/vocalist for ‘The Feel’, a popular 3 piece San Francisco Bay Area band described as a cross between the Beatles & the Police, doing openers at sold out shows for the likes of up and coming bands like Huey Lewis & the News.

Today Jeff resides in Austin, Texas where over the last decade he has been one of two primary writers for indie roots pop/folk rock pop band Blue Cartoon.  To date four BC CDs have been well received by the global indie community.  A growing catalog of songs led to the desire to release a solo CD.  With ‘a little help from his friends’ he has produced an inspired debut effort sure to provide listeners many joyful spins as the years fly by.


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